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Arch Aluminum & Glass is an Industry Leader in Environmental Responsibility

Arch Aluminum & Glass was the first extrusion manufacturer to commit to green best practices in its manufacturing plants and through innovations in product design. Arch is an industry leader in environmental responsibility, recycling as much as 90 percent of plant waste materials, utilizing energy efficient glass tempering ovens and converting to powder coat paint systems to significantly reduce VOC emissions.

With locations nationwide, Arch provides the industry with a one-stop destination for all green resources related to the glazing and aluminum products industry.

We Specialize in Sustainable, Energy Efficient Products

Auburn Hills, MichiganSustainable or "green" buildings require exterior enclosure systems that can significantly decrease moisture and air migration through the use of an effective barrier against air, vapor, and heat flow through the building envelope. Arch Aluminum and Glass offers a variety of options, depending on architectural requirements, to make storefronts and other exterior surfaces both attractive and energy efficient.

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