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For more than three decades, Arch Aluminum & Glass has maintained a corporate philosophy of balancing the demands of a Profit & Loss Statement with the task of preserving our environment. We have a documented history of sustainable manufacturing practices, including the use of energy saving technologies, materials conservation and recycling, even before it was fashionable. We have always designed our products with energy efficiency in mind.

Arch was the first to provide the glazing and extruded aluminum industry with a LEED Green Building Rating System matrix, published in 2003, prior to any other manufacturer. We chose powder coat finishing over Kynar spray coating to effectively eliminate VOC emissions and 90 percent of our scrap insulated air spacers and trimmed PVB are recycled. And we’re not finished.

As the trend toward sustainability moves toward reduced carbon emissions and energy zero buildings, Arch will be there for you well ahead of the competition. Not because we like being first, even though we do, but because it’s the right thing to do.

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