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As the business case for green building has grown, especially in owner-occupied structures, Arch Aluminum & Glass is poised to assist the newcomer to this trend or the master green builder with its LEED matrix. Arch was the first to publish a LEED matrix and is now the first to upgrade its LEED compliance sheet with the USGBC's latest version 2.2 of LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations.

Phoenix, ArizonaThe latest advances by Arch in high performance glazing can significantly enhance a building's energy efficiency, improve the interior climate for occupants and minimize the impact a structure has on its natural surroundings. Innovations in Arch glazing and extruded aluminum products provide building owners with lower heating and air conditioning loss, maintain a tighter enclosure, and offer window surface temperatures that improve comfort and minimize condensation, which can be a potential source for mold and mildew.

These high-performance windows feature double or triple glazing, specialized transparent coatings, Low-E interlayers, insulating gas sandwiched between panes, and improved thermally-broken structural framing. All of these features reduce heat transfer, therefore, reducing heating and cooling loads. As a True Single Source supplier of glazing needs, Arch offers high-strength, light weight aluminum extrusion to virtually any custom design with excellent thermal properties. Click here to read more about Arch "green" innovations, including the ARCHKOTEâ„¢ Coating system, Arch Sound Zone Plus and Arch Spandrels.

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